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We are an established business in various machining field, providing services to different companies globally. We have a strong team of engineers who can take care of your project from start to finish. We can provide all types of machining work including CNC, VMC and EDM as well as other specialised services. We also offer a full range of other custom manufacturing and repair for a wide variety of metal working machinery such as lathes, mills and even grinders. We are able to provide machining services for a wide range of materials including stainless steel, aluminium and brass. We have the latest machinery available in our workshop which enables us to provide high quality products at competitive prices. We also have an experienced team who can offer advice on how your project should be carried out.


As part of our machining solutions, we offer a range of surface finishes to enhance the appearance and functionality of machined parts. One of these finishes is polishing, which can improve the surface finish of metals such as stainless steel by removing surface imperfections and creating a smooth, shiny surface. We also offer Passivation. Passivation is a chemical treatment for stainless steel and other alloys that enhances the ability of the treated surfaces to resist corrosion. There are many benefits of passivated equipment and systems: Passivation removes surface contamination. Passivation increases corrosion resistance.



Vertical Machining Centers, also known as Vertical Milling Machines. These machines are primarily utilized to turn raw blocks of metal, such as aluminum or steel, into machined components. They can be used to perform a variety of machining operations, including, but not limited to, the following: cutting, drilling, tapping, countersinking, chamfering, carving, and engraving.


CNC stands for Computerized Numerical Control. It is a computerized manufacturing process in which pre-programmed software and code controls the movement of production equipment. CNC machining controls a range of complex machinery, such as grinders, lathes, and turning mills, all of which are used to cut, shape, and create different parts and prototypes.

DRO Milling Machine

A milling machine removes material from a work piece by rotating a cutting tool (cutter) and moving it into the work piece. Milling machines, either vertical or horizontal, are usually used to machine flat and irregularly shaped surfaces and can be used to drill, bore, and cut gears, threads, and slots.

Lathe Machine

In lathe machines, pieces are cut in a circular direction with indexable tools. With CNC technology, the cuts employed by lathes are carried out with precision and high velocity.

Surface Grinder

A surface grinder is a machine tool used to provide precision ground surfaces, either to a critical size or for the surface finish. The typical precision of a surface grinder depends on the type and usage, however ±0.002 mm (±0.0001 in) should be achievable on most surface grinders.


EDM is a thermoelectric process used to remove metal via a series of discrete sparks between the metal and workpiece. In EDM an electric spark is used as the cutting tool to cut (erode) the workpiece and produce the finished part to the required shape.

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