As Door Hardware Manufacturers, we are offering wide range of products such as Door Knobs, Door Locks, Cabinet Hardware etc. The most frequently demanded door handle is the Godani Door Handle. If you are looking for one in residential houses, commercial or public buildings then get in touch with to Godani. The most common and basic type of door handle is the godani door handle on a backplate found in residential houses and commercial and public buildings. We are leading manufacturer of door hardware from Aligarh, India. Doors fitted with this handle has a door hardware which is used to keep the door shut. The door handle features only a lever handle which operates this latch. When the handle is pushed down, the spindle rotates which “passes through the door and the tubular latch inside the door allowing the door to be opened

We are a reputed Door Hardware Manufacturers in India, engaged in manufacturing and supplying a wide range of door hardware to high-security solutions in offices, hotels, industries, hospitals, schools and a residential apartment. Our products are designed to make your life secure, safer, and more comfortable. Our range of products includes a variety of aesthetically designed door knobs, door handles, door locks, cabinet hardware and many others in different finishes. You can also find hardware made of different materials.

Our products range gives several benefits in terms of tensile strength and surface quality. Depending on your choice, you can choose from a vast variety of interchangeable levers, plates, roses and in an impressive array of finishes.

With a depth of knowledge and loads of experience, we manufacture our hardware that has the potential to produce results much above your expectations. If you’re looking out for a professional and reliable door hardware manufacturer in India, give a call to us or send an email to our email id. We will be happy to help you with your commercial or residential project.