Godani is an outstanding company dealing in the market of Zinc High Pressure Die Casting Manufacturers in India. We are the leading brand following this business of manufacturing the zinc based alloys in the most efficient manner. We are aimed at manufacturing the high pressure die castings with the zinc based alloys which are made with highly efficient and versatile production technique which is basically used for manufacturing the strong, accurate and intricately designed metal components. We are making out these zinc high pressure die casting with an automatic machine which can easily withstand with the high pressure.
The zinc based die castings which we are offering to our customer is are strong enough that it beats sand cast aluminium, bronze, iron. These are having versatile physical and mechanical properties along with an excellent castability plus the long term dimensional stability which in turn provides the base for broad usage. These die castings can also get easily electroplated which is again adding to the quality of an alloy with brilliant finishing features in plating, chromate treatments and painting.


  • We are offering the widely used die casting.
  • We are making the zinc based die casting.
  • These die castings are done on high pressure
  • We are offering a range of strong, highly stable die casting material.
  • We are offering them within a nominal range.