Godani specializes in precision investment castings. We manufacture high-quality metal parts virtually on-demand in a wide range of alloys. The high-tech technology used by our skilled and experienced professionals enable us to produce precision castings with complex shapes and high dimensional and quality. We are highly flexible in design and choosing material of your choice. With expertise, we can give you customized solutions and deliver a broad array of advantages. That's why we are renowned precision casting manufacturers.
Precision Casting Manufacturers is an excellent process to see, touch and test the quality of the products before its cast. This process enables you to get complicated shapes that may be tough to make by another manufacturing process. With Precision investment casting, you can get alloy castings, automotive castings, aluminum investment casting, boiler parts casting, ferrous castings or check value casting from Godani Pvt Ltd.

Special features of our precision castings include die casting accessories, die casting parts, and die casting components. Main products and process are deburring, hole drilling, polishing, plating, inspecting, packaging tapping. Surface finish comprises chrome plating, Zinc plating, powder coating, anodizing, painting, phosphating, etc. Mold size should be small, big or depending on customer’s requirements. The molded type is die casting and making process includes milling, grinding, and wire cutting, and so on.

Godani, we are committed to providing the ferrous and non-ferrous precision castings. As one of the leading Precision Casting Manufacturers, our professionals leave no stone unturned in catering to customers’ requirements of quality and timely service delivery. Our skilled and talented working professionals produce completely machined metal investment castings. At Godani, we specialize in precision casting products; provide green products with certifications, quality customer support. First, samples are provided to customers for trial purpose.

We use the ultramodern in-house design unit and undertake turnkey projects for designing and engineering numerous types of precision components in exact specifications detailed by our clients.